Genetically Modified Organisms As Know ( Gmos )

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Genetically modified organisms as know (GMOs) is polemically in the past years. The purpose of this is to modify organisms; genetic traits in plants are to make them better for the taste, environmental and production. The plant can be stronger and defending about insects, health, herbicides and ecological threats. In some countries, this modification helps to prevent hunger in the population. The traits can be modified adding and subtracting unwanted characteristics that make the plant weak. There is a diversity of products contain GMOs. On the domestic animals modification, genetic engineering can be useful for the prevention of unwanted illness to happen to the animals. Some of the animals are modified for human medical objectives. An…show more content…
Also, products are made containing these ingredients like salad dressings, and soybean oil in mayonnaise, breads, cereals, canola oil and snack food based on the research. Furthermore, in the U.S. is not required to label the products containing GMOs so is unpredictable to know how many products have been genetically modified. Also, the FDA approves for products being labelled “GMO free” and “USDA-Organic label that means the product is not genetically modified. (Federici, 2010, p. 518) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration states, is evidence available to show that foods from genetically engineered plants are safe like foods from plants does not been genetically engineered. FDA requires products grow in the U.S. notify them first to find out if they are made safe and legal before is up for sale. If the FDA doesn 't complete the safety requirements procedure for the product, it cannot be a sale. In the step evaluation, including biotechnology nutrients are examined like vitamins, protein, fiber, minerals and fat. The main points tested if the product if toxic or allergenic. In the 90`s the FDA created Plant Biotechnology Consultation Program that on a voluntary basis producers joins to follow a procedure to determine if the product is under the law and safety regulations. The evaluation consists of questions regarding the product content. Important issues are if the product has
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