Genetically Modified Organisms: Dangerous Health Concerns

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Genetically Modified Organisms: Dangerous Health Concerns In the past few years, people have become more and more health conscious about what they eat. However, a new issue that is causing concern is the addition of genetically modified organisms. Genetically modified organisms are organisms whose genes are modified by using engineering techniques. GMOs are scientifically altered to kill insects and change the way the plants grow or taste. The effects of these mutations are causing serious health concerns throughout the world. Genetically modified organisms are damaging human health and are continuously introduced into the daily diet without permission. Consuming these genetically altered foods can lead to many health issues. The health…show more content…
(1) These organisms do not only damage the organs, but can even result in death. Furthermore, Smith explains “that long after we stop eating GMOs, we may still have potentially dangerous GM proteins continuously produce inside of us” (1). GMOs do not go away over time; it does not matter whether consumers stop eating the food now. There have been many studies showing that the bacteria will still be carried on long after people stop consuming GM foods. GMO have been a part of people’s daily diet for too long and contaminates the community as they grow in popularity. Though GMOs have been affecting people worldwide for a short amount of time, people must realize that they have been affecting animals for years. To show possible consequences a substance may have animals are used in experiments. For instance, the biologist David Schubert of the Salk Institute states, “When GM soy was fed to female rats, most of their babies died within three weeks,” and “[w]hen male rats were fed GM soy their testicles changed color from the normal pink to dark blue” (2). If animals exhibit side effects, GMOs can be harmful to humans. Many members of society do not realize the consequences of consuming GMOs. Studies prove that GMOs have affected human beings for many years. There is enough evidence showing that these chemically altered foods are not good for humans. There
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