Genetically Modified Organisms : Do You Really Know What You Are Eating?

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Genetically Modified Organisms:Do You Really Know What You Are Eating?

Trends and correlations between the foods we eat, and the disorders we are developing are rising tremendously. Some would even use the term "epidemic" when looking at the data comparing the use of genetically modified food, like corn and grain, as well as the meats eaten, and the increase of neurological disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Pesticide and the engineering done to plants to be able to resist the pesticides, are causing detrimental damage to not only the people and animals consuming them, but the environment and ecosystem around them as well. The companies responsible for the production of these pesticides and genetically modified seeds are not worried about the health of their consumers, but admittedly solely concerned about their profit and financial gain. In 1976, the first marketed Glyphosate was put on the shelves for private use under the name "Round-up". It was used to kill insects, but was supposed to be safe for human consumption. Unfortunately this was not the case. The pesticide was damaging the tissues of the vegetables, and therefore not safe to eat. " Levels of pesticides commonly encountered across the country in food as well as around the home are significantly increasing children 's risk of developing ADHD, and could be causing an increase in the number of children living with the condition, according to new research…

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