Genetically Modified Organisms

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Food products in our community are being genetically modified or being grown next to or transported with none genetically modified food. The United States doesn’t require the distributers to put labels on their food product that contain genetically modified organisms. Also the foods originally grown without genetic modification are still being contaminated by GMOs during transportation and production. This is a problem because GMOs have been proven to increase the risk of cancer and can cause other unknown medical problems. As big as this controversy is becoming many people are completely clueless of the topic. They are simply uneducated. Many people do not know the risks involved, what they are in, or how they’re used. It is unethical to…show more content…
The next step is for the farmers. They need to grow their genetically modified organisms in some sort of secure environment so contamination is not possible for the other plants being grown around them. A simple way to accomplish this is a green house. Where wind and other contributing factors can’t possibly spread seeds or anything else to GMO free products. Fruits and vegetables are made to try and reproduce. So their always giving off some part of them to try and do so. This poses a problem for GMO free products. These products should be transported separately in different vehicles and these vehicles should never get mixed up. So if one truck is used to transport GMOs it should never be used to transport GMO free products. However, if this is not possible at the time of transportation some sort of separation between the two needs to occur. The two need to be separated well enough so they can’t get contaminated by the other. Possibly have the truck separated down the middle and putting them on opposite sides. This could be done by having a permanent wall putt in. or if you need to hang some sort of tarp down the middle. Taking the products on and off the truck separately needs to happen as well. Also another problem is they are being sold right next to each other and that makes all the effort put into trying to keep the two separated pointless. So stores should invest in
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