Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmo )

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Genetically Modified Crops As the population keeps growing more and more every year, humankind needs to examine the supply of food, is it more vital to contemplate what’s in our food or our hunger? Humans have been farming for thousands of years, and over these years they have developed ways to make farming easier and efficient. However until recently scientists have developed plants to do exactly what people want them to do. In this case to produce more with little effort. The first GMO (genetically modified organism) was developed in 1980 to use as an oil cleaner for the oil spills. However in 1982 the FDA approved GMOs, and finally in 1994 the first GMO hit the market: the longer lasting tomatoes which proved to have a longer shelf life…show more content…
Farmers could increase the amount of product harvest each year with the help of genetically modified foods. Andrew Weeks, who is a well-known journalist, has won many awards did research on GM crops and how they have increased yields for farmers. “Growing genetically modified (GM) crops is the primary way that farmers can increase their yields and their profits in order to stay competitive. Buying patented GM seeds costs more, but farmers say it is worth it because they can grow significantly more crops per acre than they could with conventional seeds" (Weeks). This shows that these new modern crops are able to grow better than normal crops. The seeds might be expensive, but farmer are gaining a lot more from these crops than they would from a normal crop. Farmers have said that these crops are worth it because they are able to yield more food than any other normal crop. Genetically modified crops are the future because the demand of food is getting higher every year and only with these crops will we be able to feed ourselves because they produce more food than organic crops. Not to mention the reports released in 2014 representing the increasing rate of agriculture in countries that have adopted the GM tech. “A report released last month on 2014 Global Status Commercialized Biotech/GMO crops, explained that adoption of GMO had increased agricultural production in countries
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