Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmos )

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms whose genetic make-ups have been changed, inserted or deleted into another organisms. While the safety, disadvantages, and public concerns of genetically modified foods has grown significantly with the productivity of the genetic engineered foods. The problem can be solved with stricter regulations for manufacturer from the Food and Drug Administration and U.S Department of Agriculture. Some of many possible solutions to the genetically modified foods include the general public having knowledge about these foods and promote by purchasing non-GMOs labelled products.
Definition and Background
According to (Rangel, 2015), modifying genes of other organisms has been an
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These genetically modified foods are testified to be high in nutrients, and contains more minerals and vitamins than traditionally grown foods. Also these foods are known to have increased shelf life and decreased fears of food spoiling quickly. Genetically modified organism foods has become very debatable in modern society (Wohlers, 2013).
Purpose and Audience
The purpose of this paper is to research and highlight genetically modified foods manufacturing process, the general public controversies against these food and federal agencies regulations for manufacturers. It will be shown that the knowledge, attitude, and behaviors of the general public regarding genetically modified foods affect with a buyer may purchase and aware to consumer to by non-GMOs products. This paper has been written to motivating the general public. Also to encourage the public to create more organization to raise awareness and provide knowledge for buyers to purchase non- GMOs labelled products.
All trade magazines and educational journals were obtained through the use of Western Michigan University’s online scientific journal database. All journals and trade magazine collected were “pdf” files that will also be submitted along with this essay as a hard copy. A majority of the sources used for this essay came from many of the journals published by Web of Science, databases for biological sciences. Limitation
This paper will not address details of
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