Genetically Modified Organisms ( Gmos )

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GMO Labeling
Virginia L .Burns
Jefferson Technical &Community College GMO Labeling
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are living organisms that are artificially manipulated usually in a laboratory through genetic engineering (The Non-GMO Project, n.d.). These organisms are practically the combination of plants, animal, bacterial, and viral materials that do not exist in naturally. These experiments that take place in the labs to produce the GMOs can be through artificial mixing or traditional crossbreeding approaches. The aim of producing the GMOs was to increase food availability, crop tolerance, improved nutrition, and other consumer benefits, until this date this goal has not been achieved (The Non-GMO
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In the USA there are no restrictions on the labeling of food products; this include the policy on GMOs increasing the chances for consumers purchasing the modified foods unknowingly (Down-to-earth, n.d.). The Down to Earth organization calls for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to instruct a mandatory labeling of food products as many of the citizens favor labeling and would want to have the right of choice.
Another issue that institutes the requirements for labeling of GMO products is safety and health risks (Bain & Dandachi, 2014). This concern goes hand in hand with the right of the consumers to have a choice on what to consume. Labeling would ensure that the customers are purchasing what they deem safe and take home what they are not allergic to their health conditions. The branding on the GMO products would exclusively give a consumer the power to control what their families eat as they can deduct how the products were manufactured or processed. Further, the labeling increases empowerment and transparency in the food system that would allow people have a say on what they consume. The next section is going to discuss the major points that surround the testing of GMOs, the reasons why agribusiness are refusing labeling of GMOs, and the health risks and environmental impacts of GMOs.
The Process of Testing GMOs
Since there are safety issues attached to the production and consumption of GMOs, the FDA has set guidelines that regulate these
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