Genetically Modified Organisms: Good Or Bad?

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Have you ever give the values of this planet a thought, or how we use them maybe even change the appearance of it to best fit our needs, like using GMOs? This is where many people question. What are GMOs? Are they harmful? How are they made? GMO is an initialized way of saying Genetically Modified Organisms. This means that humans in a lab with beakers, chemicals, and high powered microscopes change the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) of a living organism to make it more unique or even a better being than its original species.

However that is not all that there is to GMOs. To answer your questions you have to go back into history. 1980 was when the first GMO patent was issued then two years later in 1982 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
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For example, larger the sheep is the more wool it will grow. The sheep is healthy and strong therefore more wool to make jackets, coats, and etc. Usually farmers purebred animals which means that two healthy, same breed, and variety animals are bred to get the same outcome is them. This can be done to organisms that are grown by GMOs. This means good+good=good, so there is no mishap in…show more content…
It is not up to man kind to interfere or modify it too our needs or best of its ability. There is just too many risks to take, are you ready to make a decision that will cost more than and currency in the world. It is clear that I am against genetically modified organisms because you destroy their purpose of life in the world. For example, if a salmon to go up and dies trying then that is what it is supposed to do, but when we tinker with the salmons’ DNA and maybe want to make it go down river well then congratulations you just ruined one of mother nature's organisms. What's next trying to make penguins fly or make dogs
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