Genetically Modified Organisms (Move Over God) Essay

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GMO foods have been around since the 80's but because of public health many people see GMO's as a problem. There have been studies that show GMO plants can destroy certain ecosystem, and because of this many people are demanding the right to know many people want GMO foods to be labeled, but because of the costs and laws many many people want to avoid labeling while others want to find a solution. GMO foods have many beneficial advantages that make life easier, but because of many studies shown, they may actually cause more harm. Many scientists have put a lot of time and effort to create many GMO foods, as a result many people can buy food with a lot of nutritional value making GMO foods very important. For example in the article…show more content…
Because GMO foods do not have to be labeled by law many people see GMO foods as a bad thing mostly because of GMO fish were considered safe to eat but caused many health problems for many people. There have also been many reports about mutations because of GMO foods. There are many studies of how GMO foods effects ones health but other studies show that GMO's can effect the ecosystem as well. Many scientists have been studying the GMO's on the ecosystem and have found that GM crops can survive much more weather effects than regular non GM crops. For example in the article “Potential benefits for agricultural productivity” the article states “benefits could result from better resistance to severe weather, such as frost, extreme heat or drought.” Because the weather can be very unpredictable farmers have no idea what the weather will throw at them but because of the GM crops resistance to heat and cold it will have a better chance at surviving it more then any regular non GM crop. GMO crops fields have also been known to stop certain pests from eating the farmers crops thus saving them money. Although there are many beneficial things GMO have done to the ecosystem there have also been reports on GM crops destroying earth soil and killing beneficial insects. In recent studies researchers have found that GM crops are killing
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