Genetically Modified Organisms, Or Gmos, Are Genetically

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Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, are genetically modified plants, animals, or microorganisms whose genetic information has been modified by DNA-editing methods such as DNA splicing or gene modification. This modification creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, or bacterial genes that are not found in nature (GMO Facts). It is the right of the consumer to know exactly what they are consuming. However, in the United States, it is not required that food containing GMOs has to be labeled, despite the fact that in 2015, 93% of Americans believed that genetically modified food should be labeled (GMO Facts). Foods containing GMOs should indeed be labeled because the consumer deserves to know what is in their food. It is not…show more content…
Bacteria develops an immunity to antibodies when genes go through natural mutation. When attaching a “desired gene to an antibiotic resistance gene the new GM plant can be tested by growing it in a solution containing the corresponding antibiotic” (GMO: Harmful Effects). If the plant survives, scientists know that it has taken an antibiotic resistance gene along with the desired gene. Because of this, there is concern that bacteria living in humans and animals could pick up antibiotic resistance (GMO: Harmful Effects). Genetically modified foods should also be labeled because those who are environmentally conscience would not purchase objects that have been genetically modified. Genetically modified crops are engineered to resist strong herbicides. As a result, the use of toxic herbicides has increased by 16 percent. Because of this, herbicide resistant “super weeds” and “super bugs” have developed which requires stronger chemicals, such as 2, 4-D (which is an ingredient that can be found in the toxic Agent Orange). This chemical, 2, 4-D is known to cause various types of cancers and deformities (Reno). Another chemical, glyphosate, which can be found in Roundup, is being used on genetically modified plants. Glyphosphate is a known carcinogen; and we have been ingesting it as a result of the consumption of genetically modified foods (Cassidy). It has been proven that farmers who are exposed to glyphosphate are

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