Genetically Modified Organisms Or Gmos

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The world is an ever changing place, full of people with constantly evolving ideas and innovations. Humans have been designed to create and innovate; to explore the world around them and to solve problems. One of these innovation scientists have been working with are genetically modified organisms, or GMOs for short. The topic of GMOs is extremely controversial. There are those who back it one hundred percent, and those who seek to see it destroyed. While much of GMOs’ fame comes from the field of genetically modified foods, it is most certainly not limited to it. A quieter, and perhaps more imaginary field of GMOs has to do with genetically modified pigs. Scientists have been reworking the genes of some swine in order to make their tissue and organs usable for humans. In other words, scientists have been trying develop a breed of pigs who can be used as tissue and organ donors for people. While many people have expressed concerns for GMOs, genetically modified pigs, as tissue donors for humans, may prove beneficial in the near future. Before being able to understand genetically modified pigs and their benefits, it is vital to understand what GMOs are and how they work. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, genetically modified organisms are “organism[s] whose genome[s] ha[ve] been engineered in the laboratory” with the propose of bringing about “physiological traits or the production of desired biological products (Encyclopaedia Britannica).” The process of
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