Genetically Modified Organisms The Root Of All Evil

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Are genetically modified organisms the root of all evil in the nutrition of our society? Essentially, not at all, GMOS are modified to enhance the original organism by manipulating the genetic code to produce a different outcome. Genetically modified organisms were developed all the way back to the prehistoric times when people were genetically modifying their food without realizing it . Our ancestors didn’t have an idea what genetics were but they did have an idea of artificial selection or selective breeding. Over 30,000 years ago corn was modified from a wild grass known as teosinte. It contained very few kernels and by selectively breeding the crop, our pioneer ancestors created what today is known as corn. Gregor Mendel, the father…show more content…
This is used when an issues is detected and has to be avoided. The usage of Genetically Modified foods has evolved over the years. The demand for these products have grown, since they were approved by the FDA. Today, about 70%-80% of the foods that are eaten in the United States have been genetically modified or has ingredients that are modified. As these numbers developed, many people started opposing genetically modified foods. They questioned whether certain diseases were linked with consumption of genetically modified foods. Many Non-GMO projects have arose due to these arguments. However, many influential regulatory agencies that study the safety of food supply, such as the U.S. FDA and the World Health Organization, has found that genetically modified ingredients and foods are safe and have no negative health effects with the consumption and use of it. Although, they have found that it has no effect to the consumer’s health, companies try to accomodate the consumers by making their products safer. There are numerous companies that develop genetically modified foods, or products that use ingredients that have been modified. A few of the biggest food companies that use GMO’s are Kraft, Nestle and Unilever. Plenty of products contain GMO’s, even ones you wouldn 't think would contain them, including Pop Tarts, Dove, Lipton and other popular name brands. A major ethical implication that has been made is whether or not the
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