Genetically Modified Organisms Within A Plant

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Genetically Modified Organism In today’s world we see a lot of beautiful cross-breed dogs that are product of selective breeding, in which cells are carefully picked in order to transform the genetic making of its cell by moving genes among species and thus creating new extra ordinary breed of dog such as, Pitsky, a mix of Pitbull and Husky, or Labsky which is a mix of Labrador and a Husky. This type of genetic engineering technique is also being used today in order to improve the production, characteristics, and life expectancy of plants and vegetables, the process is known as genetically modified organism or GMO. Genetically modified organisms within a plant gives an unimaginable benefits in terms of dealing with the worlds ongoing problem such as hunger, shortage of food supply with its ability to produce more harvest, and as well as to prolong its storage life. The changes in a genetically modified plants results in a change of its attributes making it chemical resistant, virus-resistant, herbicide-resistant (a chemical used to destroy unwanted weeds), delay ripening or in other cases add nutritional value (Schneider, K. Schneider R, Richard). This new found technology can have both potential benefit and harm to the human body, the agricultural system, as well as the natural resources. The first genetically modified food was a tomato. A gene was added into the tomato in order to prevent disintegration of its walls as it ripened allowing it to remain solid and firm in
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