Genetically Modified Organisms and Food Production

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Foods produced from organisms which have been encountered with specific changes brought in to their DNA utilizing the mode of genetic engineering is known as genetically modified food. These DNA modification techniques have permitted for the introduction of latest and innovative crop attributes as well as gain a great control over the genetics structure of the food which was then previously sustained by modes such as selective and mutation breeding (King). In 1995 the Commercial sale of this food had been started. Calgene marketed its first genetically modified food named Flavr Savr which was ripening tomatoes (Bruening and Lyons). Most of the modifications of genetic food have initially been focused on the highly demanded cash crops such as Corn, Canola, Soybean and Cotton Seed Oil. These have been designed and engineered for resistance to herbicides and better nutritional profiles. Genetically modified livestock have also been introduced but has not been introduced in the market.
We would not have any idea that meat, vegetable or fruits, supposed to purchase by us, are genetically modified, every time we go to super markets. In order to make this situation worst most of the consumers do not pay special importance to the food they are eating, when they are actually consuming genetically modified food. As per the figures estimated by Institute for Responsible Technology (2007) in the United States 91% of corn, 79% of soybean and 89% of Canola are sold which are produced
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