Genetics And The Unknown Cross

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Drosophila Genetics and the Unknown Cross Abstract Introduction Gregor Mendel was an Austrian monk, known today as the father of modern genetics. Through his experiments in his monastery’s garden, Mendel essentially discovered the basic laws that govern how traits are transferred from parent to offspring using pea plants (Levina 83). Pea plants have seven distinct traits and offspring is quickly and easily produced. Mendel cross-pollinated pea plants that had evidently opposite characteristics. Mendel first produced a parent generation of true-breeding plants, by self-pollinating the plants until he knew they bred true to the seven traits and called these plants the P generation. Next, Mendel produced a second generation of plants, the…show more content…
Homozygous genotypes are represented as PP or ww because these individuals carry two of the same alleles and heterozygous genotypes are represented as Pw because the two alleles are different. A genotype refers to an individual’s genetic makeup whereas a phenotype is a physical characteristic (Levina 83). Mendel traced specific phenotypes and, after the course of generations of “crossing” experiments, he reached two of his most important conclusions: the Law of Segregation and the Law of Independent Assortment (Levina 83). Although Mendel’s experiments had been conducted with pea plants, he put forth the theory that all living things had such traits ("Gregor Mendel"). Hypothesis: must be phrased as a statement concerning what the F1 generation was, based on the phenotypic ratios found in the F2. The introduction will also include the observations that led to your hypothesis (the phenotypic ratios in the F2). You should be able to explain why these ratios led to your prediction by showing a Punnett Square. We hypothesized that the outcome of our unknown cross will be a phenotypic ration of 9:3:3:1 after crossing the two heterozygous parents from the F1 generation. Info about fruit flies and why they make good genetic study organisms Fly mutations Why use a Punnett Square and a Chi Square Materials and Methods In preparing the genetic cross with Drosophila, a culture tube was cleaned and set up to create the precise environment for the Drosophila to mate. A
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