Essay on Genetics Are the Main Cause of Psychopathy

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“One of the things about these kids is that they don't pay attention to the deep emotions or the deep concerns of other people. They can just look at it in the face and go “whatever” and move on.” (Malcolm) Whereas some may argue that psychopaths are developed more from their environment, the characteristic traits and neurological data prove genetics are the main cause of psychopathy. Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized by a constellation of interpersonal, affective and behavioral characteristics. (Harc, 1998) There are many personality traits that accompany those who are considered to be a psychopath. High levels of aggression or delinquency, and antisocial behaviors are all seen in youth with personalities correlating…show more content…
Subsequent studies in youth with conduct disorder show that the parents socialization with their children has less of an affect upon the development of conduct problems, suggesting more genetic significance in youth who are notably callous. (Dolan). Mental retardation, lower intelligence and inability to learn basic communication and language skills have been reported in youth considered psychopathic. Also reported is the severe psychopathy occurring from the youths parents. These parents have issues such as “extreme maladjustment, chronic alcoholism, and many incarcerations for criminal acts. (Bezdjian). In order to confirm, tests have been made to assess psychopathic traits in youth. These tests have been recreated from the adult versions. The psychopathy checklist is a scale test used for youth ages thirteen to eighteen, it has the same factor structure as the adult PCL-R test from which it was created and focuses on interpersonal aspects of personality and chronic antisocial structure. The psychopathy screening device is used for youth ages six to twelve, and is completed by teachers or parents for validity reasons. The most widely used test is the youth psychopathic traits inventory, which is a self report of fifty items which focus on core personality correlations of youth and psychopaths. (Dolan). Now researchers are focusing more on theories of the neurobiological basis of psychopathy. The two most
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