Genetics, Brain Structure, and Behavior: Future Directions

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Genetics, Brain Structure, and Behavior: Future Directions
Nevada Finley
May 20, 2013
Stephanie Fernandez
Genetics, Brain Structure, and Behavior: Future Directions Schizophrenia is known as a mental disorder that is categorized by confused thinking and the inability to respond, communicate, or behave appropriately. Individuals who suffer with this disease may see or hear things that are not there, but this is a form of hallucinating. They also feel like others are out to get them, which is a form of paranoia. This particular disorder is not thought to be progressive, but it is chronic and debilitating. Many regions of the brain and other systems operate abnormally in schizophrenic individuals. The frontal lobe
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One of these is with cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of intensive invasion into a person’s life can help them learn to pacify the voices by listening to music, or even repeating the questions aloud and transforming them into perceptions and conclusive understanding. “Recent Advances in Social Skills Training for Schizophrenia” (2006) consists of adapting behavioral proficiency to those with schizophrenia, allowing them to achieve living skills, coping mechanisms, and giving them a sense of freedom from their inner turmoil. Family Interventions are for teaching the family of a schizophrenic how to deal with the mental illness, the stress of their family member living with this illness and how to cope with medications and structure for the ill. Typically the family is left in the dark until the person with schizophrenia is being released from the hospital and still assumed that he or she will know what to do (Johnson, 2005). Cognitive Remediation is meant to actuate learning perception, judgment, and reasoning. Improving the areas that fall short within the realms of daily living and avoid areas re-enact further mental breakdown (Medalia & Choi, 2009). Supported employment can help those with schizophrenia attain reasonable employment to improve self-esteem and the betterment of his or her life (Solar, 2011). As a final point, there is still plenty that the
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