Genetics & Human Behavior Essay

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Genetics & Human Behavior The world of Genetics is one that is both fascinating and interesting. When tackling how genetics plays a role in behavior, one must look within the scope of what genetics is before dealing with how it plays a significant role in one’s behavior. Simply put, genetics is the study of genes. It is a biological component within the entire study of biology itself. Scientists who study genetics and perform research do so with the intent to learn more about how genetics affects the overall attitudes, behaviors and dispositions of individuals. It could be said that genetics is somewhat of a psychological-biological science as researchers look at the underlying patterns within the genes that cause…show more content…
4) Parents, both of whom have a lethal recessive gene, can produce a child by cloning rather than risk the one-in-four chance that their child will face an early death. 5) Clones could be produced to provide organs for transplants admittedly, transplant that could jeopardize or even end a clone's life. 6) Other clones could be produced with unusually high or low mental capacities that would suit them well to do socially needed tasks, for example, challenging problem solving or menial labor.” (Kilner, 2002) By examining each aspect of this utility justification, human cloning has more pros than cons. The autonomy justification speaks more to the aforementioned ethics and morality issues regarding cloning itself. In terms of autonomy, there is a tremendous amount of appeal amongst scientists and even laypeople for human cloning. The problem lies with religious based groups and organizations and those who deem this to be an issue with God. While that premise has some merit, the overall arching aspect of autonomy gives credence to the thought that genetics does indeed play a role in the behavioral parts of individuals. It therefore creates a mindset that one is arguably selfish in their intent with regard to behavior. There are some points of autonomy that directly affect the discussion regarding human cloning such as: "personal freedom and reproductive Decisions “
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