Genetics Module 7 Lab 2 Essay

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Answer Sheet—Module 7 Lab
DNA Extraction
Click on the following link and view the DNA extraction: 1. What is the source of the cells used in this demonstration? A human.

2. Give three practical uses of DNA that is extracted: a. Genetic testing b. Body Identification c. Forensic analysis

3. Name the piece of equipment used to obtain the cells. Cheek Buccal Swab to release cells from inside of mouth.

4. Why do you need a large box of micropipettor tips? You will need a new one each time it goes into a new solution, avoiding cross contamination and
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They can turn out to be heterozygous or homozygous for repeats, which in turn creates truly unique genotyping for each of us!

5. Why are repeat polymorphisms useful for creating DNA fingerprints? Because there are so many possible variations, we each have our own unique genetic identity/fingerprint, this is a very specific close up detailed look at our make-up that is unique to us. (unless we are a twin)

Click on the following link and answer the following questions as you click through the animations: 6. Explain how a person may be homozygous or heterozygous for a variable repeat at a particular locus. If the repeat is the same on both chromosomes (Same number) it is said to be homozygous, same VNTR alleles. If it is a different number repeat it is heterozygous, different VNTR alleles on each chromosome. Homozygous or heterozygous will be determined by what each of your parents pass down to you.

7. What do researchers use to cut specific sites on either side of each repeat region, resulting in fragments of different lengths? A restriction enyme.

8. Name the procedure used to separate DNA fragments according to size. Electrophoresis.

9. Which DNA fragments migrate through the gel fastest? The smaller DNA fragments migrate the fastest.

10. Name the process used to transfer the DNA fragments to a solid membrane. Southern blotting.

11. Explain the purpose of
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