Genghis Kh History, Warriors, And Tradition

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Mongolia is a country rich in history, warriors, and tradition. They have endured the most drastic changes since the birth of the nation in the twelfth century. From nomadic tribal clans to a nation united, Mongolia is a shining example of how a governmental democracy can advance a nation tenfold. Prior to the year 1206, Mongolia was a nation of warring clans; a nation separated by beliefs and ideals. In 1162, a man by the name of Temujin was born who would change a nation and leave one of the most prominent reputations in war history. He would, after twenty-two years of tribal war, unite the tribes of Mongolia and become known as Genghis Khan. He was one of the most influential war minds in history and at the time of his death, the…show more content…
Through their acceptance and partnership with NATO, Mongolia’s Military has supported global and U.S. agendas through world conflicts including Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Currently Mongolia is seeking to modernize its military with the help of the United States. The U.S. believes them to be a shining example of an Asian democracy, therefore coming to the decision to increase military training and financial aid to Mongolia. The governmental President is a ceremonial role elected by majority vote in a two-round system (Central Intelligence Agency). The members of parliament elect the Prime Minister, who is mostly in charge of the nation. Mongolia has endured drastic changes since its once powerful empire that stretched as far as Europe. The Soviet Union greatly influenced the Mongolian government and society due to the support they received both financially and in multiple wars and altercations. Due to the pressure of the Soviet Union, Mongolia was a communistic government with very controlling ideas. From 1920 to 2001, the government owned and controlled most of the media. This is their government’s way of keeping order by swaying ideas and feelings on local and world issues in order to get the support and acceptance of the public. One of the greatest influences of the Union of Soviet Socialist
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