Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, And Attila The Hun

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People can go down in history for a variety of reasons, whether it be protesting inequalities, being the first to achieve an impressive task, or simply being successful. Among those remembered, conquerors are often remembered by many, often in conflicting light. The greatest individual conquerors of the world’s past include Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Attila the Hun. But alongside these memorable names is the widely known Alexander the Great. His colossal empire spanned around two million square miles, falling behind only Genghis Khan for having the largest conquered area ruled by one individual (Jayne Notes). And, as with any person who did things along that line, Alexander the Great is often conflicted on whether he was a hero or a…show more content…
While that may sound cruel, it was by far the better of the two, and unfortunately not the one that Alexander pushed the League to choose. The secondary option is a horrifying decision, as the city of Thebes ended up being completely and utterly annihilated because of it, save for a few temples (Thebes Conquered). While some may argue that it may have been completely necessary in order to truly prevent any possible future uprisings from Thebes, they are only partially correct, as Alexander the Great could have possibly put down the rebellion in Thebes with half as many casualties. During the put-down of the city, there was a woman named Timoclea, who killed one of the generals in Alexander’s army (Thebes Conqueror). But although she did do that, Alexander spared her life because he admired her courage, even though she defied him to his face (Thebes Conqueror). This does not make up for what Alexander the Great allowed his army to do, as Timoclea was raped and abused by several Macedonian soldiers (Jayne Notes). As the story of Thebes being made into an example spread, most people living in an area within the reach of the territory-hungry hands of Alexander the Great probably spent
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