Genghis Khan and his Army in Mongolia in 1162

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Temujin, better known as Genghis Khan, was born in northern Mongolia in 1162. After uniting the nomadic Mongolian tribes in 1206, Khan led a successful military campaign that spanned more than three decades, pillaging vast areas of land and subjugating millions of people. Though Khan and his armies are often thought of as cruel barbarians, his advanced military tactics and progressive outlook on ruling painted him in a somewhat different light. Although he was born to a noble Mongolian family, early life for Khan was violent and unpredictable. At the age of 10, his father was poisoned and killed in an attempt to extinguish his claim to leadership. Several subsequent attempts were made on Khan’s life for this same purpose. …show more content…
During an engagement between the two armies, the Mongolians deployed a false withdrawal, one of their most common tactics. While the forces of Yinchuan attempted to recover from the initial attack of Mongolian cavalry, a massive siege was launched upon the city. Although the Mongolian attempt to flood the city ultimately failed, the Xi Xia ruler recognized the military superiority of the Mongolians and decided to submit and present tribute. After conquering the kingdom of Xi Xia, the Mongols attacked the Jin Dynasty of northern China. This war was aggravated by the Jin ruler, who demanded that Mongolia submit to the Jin Dynasty as a vassal state. From 1211 to 1214, the Mongolians fought a war of attrition, pillaging the countryside and sending thousands of refugees into the cities, creating major food shortages. Seeing no alternative, the Jin army massacred tens of thousands of its own peasants in an attempt to prevent large-scale starvation. In 1214, the Mongolians besieged the severely weakened capital of Zhongdu (now Beijing), the Jin ruler immediately surrendered and offered large amounts of gold, silver, silk, and horses as tribute. When the same ruler later angered Khan by moving his court south to the city of Kaifeng, in breach of their agreement, Khan retaliated by burning the city of Zhongdu to the ground. In 1219 Genghis Khan

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