Essay about Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

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The book I have chosen is called Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. This book describes the Mongol Legacy and how his achievements have impacted the globe since he was first found. This book consists of Jack Weatherford’s take of how the Mongolian empire impacted the world. This book is divided into sections that talk about the stages of the Mongol influence. The first chapter is an introduction and a first chapter name “A Blood Clot”. It starts out with the speculation of the death of Genghis Khan. Some say that his lover killed him others say that he died of illness. It describes how he had no former education when he was younger and how he was at a young age. He found a best friend, which would become his lifelong…show more content…
He was also threatened by Temujin’s growing power. In order to secure succession, Temujin asked his son Kochi to marry the khan’s daughter. Wanting to lure them into camp, Ong accepted the proposal trying to kill them. Temujn and his family fled. He counterattacked once he learned of the plot. Temujin found a way to convince the people that Ong Khan and his family were dead through rumor even though he didn’t actually kill them. In 1204, Temujin had his last battle for the control of Mongolia. He used tactics that were a mix between old and new fighting styles. The fourth chapter is named “Spitting of the Golden Khan”. It is also were part two of the book starts. By 1210 Genghis (which became his new name) grew into a golden age. This when everything started to prosper. He defeated armies across Asia and he had little to no issues. He was able to get more military power and new tactics to employ into battle. He knew that in order to conquer a fortified city he needed new tactic that is why he employed the wave method, in which men went in like waves. He built a strong and prosperous empire that had a great time for 60 years. The fifth chapter is called “Sultan vs. Khan”. This follows that the Mongol empire managed to conquer every army and city in Central Asia. Khan came across an ancient civilization about 12 years older that contained
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