Genghis Khan and the making of the Modern World Essay

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When the word “Mongol” is said I automatically think negative thoughts about uncultured, barbaric people who are horribly cruel and violent. That is only because I have only heard the word used to describe such a person. I have never really registered any initial information I have been taught about the subject pass the point of needing and having to know it. I felt quite incompetent on the subject and once I was given an assignment on the book, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern Age, I was very perplexed for two reasons. One I have to read an outside book for a class that already requires a substantial amount of time reading the text, and secondly I have to write a research paper in History. I got over it and read the book, which…show more content…
Weatherford’s attitude about the Mongols is due to his belief that the world changed or began to change from the medieval to the modern world because e of the influence of the Mongols. He stated “The new technology, knowledge, and commercial wealth created the Renaissance in which Europe rediscovered some of its prior culture, but more importantly, absorbed the technology for printing, firearms, the compass, and the abacus from the East” (xxiv). The magnitude of the Mongol empire from the beginning to its greatest heights is an amazing story. Weatherford states “he smashed the feudal system of aristocratic privilege and birth, he built a new unique system based on individual merit, loyalty, and achievement” (xix). All of these newly presented ideas assist Khan in his conquest of unity and progression. In the battle against the Bukhara, he had many of the local people either assist him in his mission or be punished brutally. This old, but newly used concept of divide and conquer worked in Khan’s favor. It not only caused the surrender of the Bukhara, but when word spread it assisted in the surrender of the capital of Samarka (9). He realized the power of psychological warfare and used it to his advantage. In a campaign against Jamuka, the displaying of the Spirit Banner was used to make it difficult for the opposing side viewing these Banners to fight if the kinsmen had used ancestors’ Spirit Banner. This was used as “tantamount” to attacking
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