Genghis Khan 's Success By Bloodshed, Violence, And War

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Matheus Bergonzine
HIST 115 – World History I
November 17, 2014
Instructor: Dr. Marc D. Froese It is beyond argument that Genghis Khan’s success was accompanied by bloodshed, violence, and war. Nonetheless, the young boy who would later become one of the greatest conquerors of all time created his own destiny. He was raised in a cruel tribal environment with no proper schooling. Before he even reached puberty, Genghis killed his own half-brother and escaped from kidnappers all by himself (Weatherford, 9, 2004). Furthermore, the Mongolian youngster met and made a commitment to his future wife and powerful ally, Borte, at an early age. That woman would later become the mother of his offspring. Yet, this brutal upbringing in an environment of greed, vicious tribal clashes, and little nurture gave young Temujin the survival instincts and ambition that he would later use to construct and lead a great empire and create an everlasting name for himself. Few scholars agree with one another when it comes to Genghis Khan’s motives and governance strategies. Furthermore, little is known about his physical, mental, and emotional attributes; for the vast majority of his servants and generals had no formal education and were intrinsically illiterate (Martin, 1977, 1-3). Therefore, much can still be learned beyond his military accomplishments such as how he managed the overall wellbeing of his people and how he dealt and learned from other cultures.
In history, renowned rulers usually

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