Genghis Khans Effect On The Management Of Conquered Civilizations

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Genghis Khans effect on the Management of conquered civilizations.

The Mongol empire was one of the most prevalent, feared, and influential empires to ever gallop across this earth. They were revolutionaries of there time. There military tactics, horsemanship, and leadership system all helped maintain and profligate an immense powerhouse that reaped havoc on anyone standing in there path. However it was there governance and leadership after they had conquered these lands that was most surprising
The Mongol people started out as many separated factions that were no more than a few hundred men. There were bitter rivalries and animosity between tribes and long power struggle for control of the Steppe. However it was not to stay this way
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Temujin’s ability to unify these radically polar people was the “jumping off point” in the reign and legacy of the Mongol empire. His sheer capability and practices were then engrained into successors that was most impressive. The Mongolian Empire speedily conquered staggering amounts of land in only a finite amount of time, but their most imposing obstacle was finding a way to govern these foreign lands. Genghis Khan was the first to integrate the Mongols into these societies, and with their expert military skills, they overthrew surrounding nations and captured their lands. Genghis knew that he couldn’t adopt an umbrella policy for vastly differing nations, so the Mongols who occupied each subjected nation reigned over the people and installed different governmental structures that suited particular societies. One of his monumental creations that defined ruling structure, was that of his Yasa. This was essentially a guide on the ethics and precedence’s of the Mongols. It created stability within Mongol’s that allowed them to focus on maintaining their grip on other colonies without infringing too much upon the culture.

The Golden horde was the main military reckoning of the Mongols and is what allowed them to take over and acculturate into such expansive quantity of terrain in such brief amount of time. The Golden Horde was an infantry of elite
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