Genicon Case

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GENICON CASE 1.Evaluate GENICON international expansion so far. What are the main reasons it has been successful? GENICON international expansion has been successful because the international markets were expected to grow much faster than USA. This fact may seem unusual as the USA market of this kind of products is the largest all over the world. Another reason of the success of this firm was the transition of the European market for medical devices. These changes where produced because of the entrance of Tyco Healthcare, a global healthcare products company. This company sought favorable contracts with few distributors. The willingness to take GENICON's products increases and this fact helps the company success. Finally, another reason of…show more content…
You may add in such institutions as healthcare system, regulatory system, and IP protection. What are the implications for the specific industry featured in the case and for a small entrepreneurial company like GENICON? There are differences between the countries studied and their cultural, administrative, geographic and economic frameworks. We will study how GENICON can be affected by distance in this background. 2 India Cultural - Administrative Initiatives by the government to improve health care system but just 4% allocated to this pursuit Reduction of taxes Political instability Improvement of regulations Geographic Fastest population growth Lack of staff Economic Imports of medical devices: 75% Best currency exchange rate Worst easy doing business Privatization trend China Quality increasingly important Investment by the government increase Risk by corruption low but unfavorable political situation Heavy opposition to foreign imports Long time in the registration progress Greatest populations of 4 countries but fragmented and slow expected growth Need of working with several providers to cover the country Medical device increasing (2nd largest over the world) Price pressures Privatization trend Foreign medical device producers are estimated to rise Brazil A partner for a join venture required International regulation accepted Government expenditures in
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