Genital Herpes : A Sexually Transmitted Disease ( Std ) Caused By Two Types Of Viruses

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Genital Herpes Jazzmin A. Joos Carrington College Genital Herpes Genital Herpes is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) caused by two types of viruses those viruses includes: Herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2. Herpes simplex type 1 infects the lips most commonly known as a cold sore. Herpes simplex type 2 is genital Herpes. This sexually transmitted disease affects one out of every six people. The most common age range for a person to contract this virus is 14 to 49 years old. It is hard to self diagnose and can lead to greater susceptibility to HIV. What are the Signs and symptoms? Affected people might not have an initial outbreak of symptoms until months or even years after being infected. For most carriers they will…show more content…
How is this diagnosed? Genital Herpes’ symptoms are often mistaken for bladder infections, vaginal yeast infections, and bacterial infections. However, Genital Herpes is diagnosed with a physical exam, viral culture and usually confirmed with a blood or swab test. What can you do to prevent contracting Genital Herpes? Having vaginal, anal, or oral sex with an infected participant spreads Genital Herpes with an infected participant. The fluids contained in a Herpes sore carries the virus. The virus can also be released through your skin. When someone comes in contact with the sore they can contract the disease. However, some carriers do not show signs of visible sores. The best way to protect yourself from any diseases would be to practice abstinence. However, In order to prevent this disease if you’re sexually active you should practice safe sex with safe partners. Use contraceptive protection such as condoms and be with a partner who has been tested for STD’s and has a negative STD test results. For those infected, if you touch the sores or fluids, immediately wash your hands thoroughly to help avoid spreading your infection. What is the treatment/expected outcome? Herpes is not curable but can be managed. There are medications that are used for Genital Herpes carriers that prevent or shorten outbreaks and there is one medication that can be taken daily that can make it less likely to pass on the infection: Acyclovir (Zovirax), Famciclovir,

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