Genocide In Everyday Life

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When you think of everyday life you think of the same simple routine you go thought in your everyday life. Get up, get ready for/ work school, head home, eat your dinner, and head to sleep only to get up and do the same exact thing for the rest of the week. This same thing could be considered the same as Nazi death/ work camps yet the routine being much more, harsh and spirit breaking than the normal every day vanilla lifestyle you live. Anything was better than death camps. Genocide, lots of it happened during world war two, be it the war its self or the dastardly camps known as death camps killing millions of people with Jewish heritage in their veins, not to mention many other people as well, like the disabled, polish, gypsies, and many more. The people who Hitler didn’t like or went against him and his ways were put to death.…show more content…
The life of a prisoner in a death camp was a hard one, having very little to call your own. Sleeping on straw, eating disgusting food, standing attention for hours, and working with your cold dead hands. The routine was a hard spirit breaking one. Not to mention the dusting food the Kapo’s tried to pass off as food. It was probably spoiled and rotten. It was most likely to get a lot of prisoner’s sick form how less they got to eat and what condition the food was in. Despite that all being said it’s suppressing and very interesting what went on in death camps from good to bad and quirky to surprisingly normal. Maybe if concentration camps didn’t exist maybe World War 2 wouldn’t of happened, but that’s highly unlikely to happen as Hitler was already invading most of Europe at the time so he had to be stopped. But at least the camps were taken over and the prisoners were finally
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