Genocide In Rwanda

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The Rwanda Genocide “‘ Beautiful?’ said one Rwandan. ‘After the things that have happened here?’” (“GENOCIDE-RWANDA”) This quote is an example of how the Rwandan Genocide changed the lives and perspectives of many people living there. This genocide brings back horrific memories to families and people living in Rwanda. This genocide lasted a total of 100 days and nearly 800,000 people were perished in it. The Rwandan Genocide was a very shocking and depressing event in history that should never be forgotten.
To start with, Rwanda is a very small country located near the center of Africa (“Rwandan Genocide<< World Without Genocide-Working to create a World Without Genocide”). It had a population of 7.7 million: 90% Hutu ethnic group and 9% Tutsis before the genocide began (“Rwandan Genocide<< World Without Genocide-Working to create a World Without Genocide”). The first tension was driven between the Hutus and the Tutsis when European colonists moved into Rwanda and chose the Tutsis for a group to be privileged and educated (“GENOCIDE- RWANDA”). Because of this, Hutus
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According to the United Human Rights Council, “Tutsis and people suspected of being Tutsi, were killed in their homes as they tried to flee to get away from Hutu persecution.” People who didn’t agree with the killing, even Hutus, were brutally murdered as they tried to speak against the genocide (“United Human Rights Council”). The killing in this genocide, often using machetes and clubs, was entirely carried out by hand (“GENOCIDE-RWANDA”). About 200,000 people participated in the killings of the genocide (“United Human Rights Council”). In the time span of 100 days, 800,000 men, women, and children were killed, which was as much as ¾ of the Tutsi population (“United Human Rights

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