Genocide In Sri Lanka

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Genocide, Defined as a mass killing of an entire race, religion, nation, or ethnic group, has been under high watch by the United Nation after the holocaust of WWII. Despite an international law rendering it as illegal, genocide continues throughout the world. According to Gregory Stanton, there are a total of 10 stages in every genocide. However, many nation leaders deny the existence of the 10 genocides by blocking investigations and remaining blind to the fact that genocide does indeed continue. The genocide in Sri Lanka is one important genocide. The Sri Lanka genocide range with the 10 stages, to incorporate the events that caused genocide, extermination, persecution, and discrimination that affect the Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka's massive killing made them more valuable to a genocide. Meanwhile Sri Lanka had caused so many deaths from world war II, the government is slow to respond to end violence ("Sri"1). This cause extermination because the final stages of the tragic war left half of Sri Lanka people placed. Unfortunately, the government
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Although, " the united states suspended military aid to the country in December 2007 do to the Sri Lanka human right viol". ("Sri" 2). This is known as the 9th stage, extermination because they did not believe that victims receive the rights of being fully human. (Stanton 1). Otherwise, "All cultures have categories to distinguish people into "us and them" by ethnicity, race, religion or nationality: German a Jew Hutu and Tutsi". ("Genocide" 1). They separate them from regular civilian life (). In addition there were also other groups that were involved, " Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka has had more murder attacks by state and not state-players". (Sri 3). This is also known as stage nine in genocide because other countries were also starting to get involved in the mass killing, which made a mass killing population. (Stanton
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