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Living through genocide is a horrific tragedy that no one should ever have to endure. While there have been numerous genocides within the last century, the holocaust was a genocide that killed over 12 million innocent people and segregated them by religion, sex and age. Since the end of the holocaust, many survivors wrote their stories accounting the horrific lives they led, while some eliminated parts of their story, others felt that it was necessary to show the entirety of what had occurred. With these first hand accounts, the reader is able to see the differences between how men and women lived their everyday lives as well as how they were treated by Hitler’s regime. In Elie Wiesel’s, Night, and Sara Nomberg-Przytyk’s, True Tales from…show more content…
Having the word tore in this quote, the author is trying to explain how the simplicity of a haircut could turn into something horribly painful. After being released from harshness of the barbers, men formed together trying to find familiar faces at that time, “they used whatever strength they had to cry” (Wiesel 35) the symbolism of crying makes it more surreal to the reader, the meeting of friends is not a joyous occasion but is to make sure friends are alive. Living under the “threshold of death” (Wiesel 36), men needed to give up every personal belonging they brought with them; they were one step away from dying. Within a “few seconds, we had ceased to be men” (Wiesel 37). This meant that the men they saw coming into the camps were not what they would become, they changed into prisoners who did not have an identity of their own, they were the living dead. With time passing and people becoming hungry, sick and weak, people became walking skeletons that were on the brink of death. While Elie’s main goal was to stay alongside his father through out their time in the holocaust, the dependence of his father on Elie eventually became a clear challenge. With his father getting sick and needing some assistance there was a time where he needed to use a restroom. After asking one of the guards where it was, the guards response was by hitting Elie’s father, knocking him

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