Essay Genocide and Modernity

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The crime of genocide is one of the most devastating human tragedies throughout the history. And the word genocide refers to an organised destruction to a specific group of people who belongs to the same culture, ethnic, racial, religious, or national group often in a war situation. Similar to mass killing, where anyone who is related to the particular group regardless their age, gender and ethnic background becomes the killing targets, genocide involves in more depth towards destroying people’s identity and it usually consists a fine thorough plan prearranged in order to demolish the unwanted group due to political reasons mostly. While the term genocide had only been created recently in 1943 by Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-Jewish legal…show more content…
From the first colony established for penal settlement in 1788 at Port Jackson, it all seemed to begin peacefully in the start. In reality, as the white settlers expands their territories with more colonies established, those movements destroyed not only the lives but also the trusts from the aborigines, unlike such as initially when Governor Arthur Phillip issued the Letters Patent establishing the colony of South Australia in 1836 with the confidence that “nothing should affect the rights of the natives in regard to their enjoyment or occupation of the land” . Over the past, Aborigines had their own complex social organisation, yet they had different language and customs in various tribes but have managed to live peacefully with one another. Still the British settlers saw the Aborigines as an inferior and a primitive group, simply because they have a lack of what they are used to, westernization. Such as a visible administration and therefore, they introduced the nation-state and complex political institutions along with the rise of new class, race, and gender concepts, which these are all parts of the preface towards modernity and civilisation. Ironically, the civilised people who brought the ‘improvements’ could not cope to live in peace with the natives, where countless Aboriginal lives vanished under the ‘superior’ governance of the new settlers. Regardless which part of the continent including Tasmania, the history has shown many unfair
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