Genocide during the Bosnian War

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Raphael Lemkin described genocide as "acts of barbarism that should be outlawed, even in times of war". Lemkin is right. Genocide is a cruel vicious act that I do not wish upon my greatest enemies. It is torture and death. A lot of people think genocide is a thing of the past. After all it is 2014 already. We are so much more advanced and connected then back during the time of the Holocaust. A genocide started just 22 years ago and it was during the Bosnian War. The Bosnian Genocide was atrocious because it classified and dehumanized a religion, it allowed for the extermination of a people based on religion and the murderers denied they ever committed a crime and tried to cover the deaths up. The Bosnian War took place in the republic of…show more content…
Serbs who stayed friendly with Muslim neighbors or tried to protect them were considered traitors, and they were dealt with harshly (Ching). The prisoners in the camps were beaten, denied food and water, housed in horrific conditions, sexually assaulted, tortured, and finally killed (Bosnian Genocide). " There was no food, little water, and a lot of fear"(Bosnia 1995). Some detainees there were killed on a pyre of burning tires, while others were forced to load dead bodies onto trucks, or to dig their own graves. As many as fifty thousand Muslim girls and women, aged nine to sixty, were raped by Serbian soldiers and volunteers. This made them unfit, according to Muslim culture, to be either wives or mothers (Ching). The Serbian soldiers would declare after rape that the women had given birth to Serbian babies. Due to these incidents, many of the female captives lost all of their strength and suffered from a number of sexually transmitted infections. The first goal of the Serbs was to wipe out the educated, the intellectuals, the wealthy, and any other non-Serbs who actively opposed their rule. By June 1994, fewer than 50,000 remained in their home and the area had been determined "purified". (The Combat). Most Bosnian Croats and Serbs had the option of fleeing to Croatia and Serbia. However Bosnian Muslims had nowhere to go. They crowded into Bosnian cities that were still widely thought to be safe. Serbian forces continued to carry out
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