Genocides And Genocides Of Genocides

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African Holocaust Genocide is a million African people being butchered by hand by their neighbors, with household tools and homemade weapons—machetes, hoes, and hammers. Genocides are commonly overlooked throughout many countries. Africa has had many genocides and wars occurring over the past century. The most known genocides are ones that occurred in Rwanda and Darfur. Researchers have found that most genocides show the same patterns and key elements. As different genocides of Africa have occurred, the causes of genocides, along with the role modern countries play in Africa’s genocides have been discovered. Although there have been a number of genocides in Africa, the 1994 Rwandan genocide was the most vehement. During no other time in history were so many African people killed; roughly a million people within a hundred days were slaughter in the most dehumanizing ways. The genocide happened nearly twenty years ago; yet, the small central African country is still recuperating from the tragedy (Remembering Rwanda). It was not all Africans who were murdered during the Rwandan genocide. The Tutsi tribes were being targeted by Hutu tribes simply because the Tutsi tribes were given positions of power that the Hutu people wanted. White stated, “Despite the complexity of Rwandan society, the Belgian colonial administrators saw only that Tutsi, tended to be taller, had paler skin and more European facial features than the Hutu. These physical characteristics and the fact

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