Genocides Past and Present Essay

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Genocides Past and Present Genocide, a dire event, has been recurring time and time again throughout history. In the past, there was the Holocaust, where Hitler exterminated over six million Jews based on his anti-semitic views. Elie Wiesel, a Jewish author, has become a very influential man in educating the world of the true events of the Holocaust due to his involvement in the disaster. Presently, a genocide is occurring in the Darfur region of southern Sudan, in which according to Cheryl Goldmark, “a systematic slaughter of non-Arab residents at the the hands of Arab militiamen called Janjaweed” has been taking place since 2003. (1) Not only is genocide a tragic historical event, it also continuously occurs today. Genocide in…show more content…
Adolf Hitler, and his Nazi Party that followed him, began persecuting Jews in 1933. Adolf Hitler, the mastermind behind the Holocaust, was an anti-semitic man who believed in a superior Arian German race. Hitler's rise to power was just the beginning of a series of events that almost led to the complete annihilation of many countries' Jewish population. First, laws that limited the Jew's rights were applied. Next, their valuables were taken from their possession, and then the innocent people were forced into cramped ghettos lined with barbwire. According to Sally Marks, “the term holocaust is derived from the Greek language and literally means 'a sacrifice totally consumed by fire'.” (1) Living up to its definition, during the Holocaust many Jews were burned in the fiery mouths of the crematoriums. The impact of the segregational laws as well as being forced into ghettos were only the beginning of the inhumane crimes the Jews were subjected to during the Holocaust. Concentration camps were horrible places filled with starvation, dangerous work, and death. After being taken out of the ghettos Jews were most often carted like caged animals to the camps. There, if not immediately sentenced to death during selection, the people were stripped of their identity and thrown into a situation no human deserves to be in. Many Jews either lost their faith or used it as a tool for survival. Many asked themselves, is there a god, or is this a test of faith? (Sheldon 1) Given
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