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Genogram Family Analysis II
How you ever feel that we, as sons or daughter tend to repeat our parent mistakes? I have always asked myself why and I still have not have the right answer. For example my mother grew up in a very strict environment when she was a child, with my grandmother and my great grandmother coming from a Japanese Culture; my mother grew up to be a very quiet and reserve young adult. She is really kind, strict, helpful and with a very big heart. Although we had our differences when I was growing up, we get along pretty well. One of the things that stand out from her, it is her stubborn personality. Although she is a really good listener, I always feel that it has to be her way. I believe she is more like her way or the
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One of the things I could always count with my mother is her knowledge for medicine. She always knows what medicine I can take and what I need to do in order to get better. My mother used to be the hospital accountant in the pharmacy department for almost 20 years, so she is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to medicine.
My father is the oldest son of his family. He has nine siblings, four brothers and five sisters. He is a very hard worker individual. He started working at a very young age in order to help his family. Right after he graduated from high school, my father enrolled in the air force. My father is a very persistent man; he does not give up easily. He is a very happy go lucky person. He is really social and outgoing, always making jokes, telling stories and making other people laugh. He is really passionate about drawing and designing things. He enjoys working with his hands and going outdoors. He is more adventurous than my mother.
My relationship with my father has been different. He used to drink a lot while when I was younger, but although he would come under those conditions, he still would have the time and dedication to play with me. When I was younger I used to spend lots of time with my father, he would try to show me how to repair cars, I remember getting all greasy by trying to help him, but after a while I was sent to live with my grandmother, so our

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