Genome Decoding: A Review of Three Articles

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The paper is about choosing one of the latest news and compares the representation of it in different news publications. We have to prefer one of the chosen news sources and then states the reason why this newspaper gave a better version of the covered story among others based on the tendency (context), the information giving, and the supported arguments that this newspaper have.
Genome Decoding: A review of three articles on the subject
Genome Decoding is one of the most recent tantalizing scientific discoveries that have recently appeared in the news. Scientists have discovered that the 20,000 genes that do not code for proteins (and were, therefore, originally rated 'junk') are actually packed with billions of 'switches' that regulate every single aspect of behavior of organs, tissues and cells . The discovery is exciting since implications include the fact that scientists can now devise innovative interventions and treat heretofore resilient and fatal disease. The challenge is explaining and making this discovery attractive to a lay audience that largely fined science boring and abstruse.
Three different writers have attempted to do so in three different journals. The first has approached the subject from the perspective of the Encode project that helps researchers identify particular regions of switches that appear to be associated with particular behavior of organs, tissues and cells. The second has addressed the subject by describing the mechanism of

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