Genome Mapping Pros And Cons

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A genome map allows scientist to navigate around the genome and this helps to find genes or trace an inheritance of a gene. (genomenewsnetwork) This is a major breakthrough in technology as scientists can now find sequences that are tyed to a particular disease and they can identify whay drugs are needed to treat it. The mapping process illuminate the structure of the genes and it allows the viewers to examine the important parts of the genome like the regulatory genes which help control when genes are on or off. Not only can mapping do that but it can also give likelihoods of getting possible diseases in the future. It also gives chances of passing on diseases or can also guide scientist to the certain genes that cause cnacer, diabetes and…show more content…
Genome mapping can go as gfar as actually saving someones life. For example, in the PBS series “Cracking Your GEntic Code” biblings Alexis and Noah were diagnosed with severe cerebral paisley however it was found that they had a similar disease that resembles cerebral paisley. Their symptoms and healths problems worsened so they got their genome mapped and it was found that there was a yet another mutation cuasing terrible symptoms. By mapping their genomes, scientist and docters gave them another drug which perfectly treated the siblings and there heath problems almost vanished. (PBS “Cracking Your Genetic Code’) This is an example of how genome mapping is extremely useful and this is a major pro in using and putting time into it. The pros is tgat this can reveal genotypes and find casues of illnesses and treatments. Another pro in genome mapping is in forensics. Forensic scientist scan 13 DNA regions that vary from person to person and they can put together a DNA profile to identify the individual. This mapping in DNA identification makes an important addition to the detection of crime and these dna identification can create viable info on a suspect. As always, genome mapping benfits in the area of medical research and treatment as maping your genome can let the individual know what diseases they are susceptible in the future. That being sad, there are also downsides to having your genome
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