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ABSTRACT: Contemporary progress in life sciences, particularly in genetic engineering, is changing our concept of "human being" and a whole series of other philosophical and common notions. The conventional idea of "subject" will no longer be the final reference for philosophical thinking, since even the subject qua biological or psychological structure will enjoy a high degree of unpredictability. The results of gene technology require reinterpreting such concepts as reproduction, individuality, history, freedom and subjectivity. This paper focuses on the question of freedom, where freedom means the capacity to deliberate and choose between different alternatives of action. We hold that the issue of freedom is relevant
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Gene technology requires dealing with, and reinterpreting terms such as reproduction, individuality, history, freedom and subjectivity. Many people consider 1989 as the symbolic turning point, when the epoch of history and society started to be replaced by the epoch of biotechnology, genetic engineering or most recently evolution-technology. We can say, that we are at the beginning of a genetic epoch (genepoch) or as Manfred Eigen (Steps Towards Life, Oxford University Press, 1992) calls it "the era of molecular biology". In this vision of history, having solved the disputed questions of society in the practice and theory of democracy, mankind begins a new historical period, the genetic period, where even the terminology of history will be a completely new kind. Avant-garde philosophers develop a new approach for investigating the genetic structure of all "traditional" problems instead of further exploring the society, language, knowledge or physical world. The protagonists of this new "paradigm" think, that after such kind of leading principals of philosophical discussions as "democracy", "socialism", "subject" and "causal sciences", there will be a new leading idea, which by the analogy of neuronalism and cognitivism, should be called genetism.

It is not our goal here to review all the possible (medical, social, etc.) implications, which could be involved in genetic research and in the development of

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