Genotypes In Children

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Phenotypes driven by DNA from passing of traits from parent to offspring. Before children are born, they receive half of their traits from their mother and the other half from their father. That is why the child may have their father’s nose and their mother’s eye shape. Other traits could include eye color, hair color, hair texture, weight, and skin color. Different combinations of traits may cause offspring to appear different from their parents. However, the majority of traits inherited from parents will be the same. There are other things that you do not inherit from parent inherited traits. These are traits that from what the offspring learn or are caused by the environment. Phenotypes is expressed in part through the processes of transcription and translation. In transcription, the cell copies the gene…show more content…
Phenotype are more specifically be observed as anatomical, morphological, physiological, and behavioral characteristics. Phenotype can also represent what can be as an extended phenotype. Which is what natural selection interacts with distinguishing among genotypes. Thus in which, genes interact with environment and the production of genotype typically involves the protein molecules as template by DNA. The process of phenotype generation typically involves the copying of DNA based information into RNA information. RNA based information is then copied into amino acid based information. I have chosen my paternal grandfather with a dominant phenotype for his skin color. I predicts that my paternal grandfather genotype for his skin color give his off spring a higher possibilities to possess a same skin tone that is along pass from my father to me. I would go about testing my hypothesis by observing my paternal uncle and aunt to see if they possess the same skin tone as my paternal
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