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GenRays Matrix Template Project Management Knowledge Areas|Recommended Tool(s)|Justification for Tool| Project Integration Management | Expert Judgment|-PM Plan is Formal, single document, approved (becomes officially the project plan. It defines how project is executed and controlled. Scope, schedule, and Cost, Change, and Configuration Management plans are created in this process and are part of the PM plan- Scope Management plan is developed here as well.| Project Scope Management | -Interviews -Focus Groups -Facilitated Workshops -Group Creativity Technique -Group decision making techniques -Questionnaires and Surveys -Observation(Job Shadowing) -Prototypes| Facilitated Workshops examples: JAD and Quality Function Deployment Group…show more content…
E.g. outsourcing -Marginal analysis: Spend time on improvement if it improves revenues or productivity. -Order of Magnitude Estimate: -50% to +100% -Conceptual Estimate: -30% to + 50% -Preliminary Estimate: -20% to +30% -Definitive Estimate: -15% to +20% -Control Estimate: -10% to +15%| Project Quality Management| -Cost Benefit Analysis -Cost of Quality -Control Charts -Benchmarking -Design of Experiments -Statistical Sampling -Flowcharting -Proprietary quality manage- ment methodologies -Additional quality planning tools (Brainstorming, Affinity Diagrams, Nominal Group Technique)| -Cost benefit: Looking at how much your quality activities will cost. -Benchmarking: means using the results of quality planning on other projects to set goals for your own. -Design of experiments: is the list of all the kinds of tests you are going to run on your product. -Total Quality Management (TQM): Everyone in the company is responsible for quality and is able to make a difference -Continuous Improvement (Kaizen): constant process improvement in the form of small changes -Just-In-Time(JIT) -ISO 9000: Companies document what they do and they do what they document

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