Genrays Hris Implementation : Project Charter

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GenRays HRIS Project Charter GenRays HRIS Implementation Project Charter GenRays David Wright 4/12/201 Table of Contents Project Title 3 Purpose 3 Description 3 Objective 3 Success Criteria or Expected Benefits 4 Funding 5 Major Deliverables 5 Acceptance Criteria 6 Milestone Schedule 6 Approval Requirements 7 Project Manager 7 Authorized by 7 Project Title GenRays HRIS Implementation Purpose Based on GenRays better than expected success with the financial system implementation, they have determined to utilize the cost savings and continue to invest in process improvement and internal tool integration across the company. The purpose of implementing a new HRIS system is to improve operational and functional efficiency within…show more content…
Objective The objective of the HRIS implementation is to centralize the many independent and disparate systems that they currently have in place so that they can facilitate employees in having more visibility over their career progression, offer transparency regarding locating qualified applicants and succession planning and automate several processes that are currently done manually. By implementing the new HRIS system GenRays will maximize operational efficiency, reduce IT costs and improve employee satisfaction all while reducing costs and increasing revenue. Objectives: 1. Recruiting – allows job candidates visibility over qualifications for available positions as well as the ability to monitor progress throughout the hiring process. Applicant data will then be stored in the database to identify their fit for any future opportunities. 2. Succession Planning – the HRIS implementation will offer increased visibility of employee status by making the performance management system searchable and provide opportunities for career growth. 3. Consolidated Database – This will prevent employees from “location jumping” to accept promotions because it would always provide the most up-to-date contact and performance information available regarding employees. Payroll and training records with performance reviews would be centralized in one place allow for greater reporting and

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