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Project Charter GenRays’ Human Resource Information System Project Charter GenRays September 16, 2014 Table of Contents Project Title 3 Purpose 3 Description 3 Objective 3 Success Criteria or Expected Benefits 4 Funding 5 Major Deliverables 5 Milestone Schedule 9 Approval Requirements 9 Project Manager 11 Authorized by 11 References 12 Project Title GenRays’ Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Implementation Purpose The main purpose of the GenRays’ HRIS project is to replace the primitive legacy system by centralizing and streamlining Human Resource’s (HR) functions, and improving the current HR processes while facilitating growth and saving money across the organization. Description A human…show more content…
• Maintain current information about employees’ office location, telephone contacts, email, etc. • Save time and money and increase pricing competitiveness and productivity by utilizing automated features such as electronic forms. • Eliminate the manual entry of time cards in multiple systems and provide the ability to track attendance. • Provide the capacity for employee and management self-service into the payroll system. • Provide a robust performance management tool in which information is searchable, and management has the ability to enter and track goals for each of his employees. • Enable different analysis capabilities including: o changes in compensation and how they relate to the scores employees receive in their performance reviews o tracking the ability of employees to advance across different departments o tracking the actual cost of manufacturing particular components to see what the real return on investment is for those parts • Dramatically reduce cost, effort and accuracy associated with entering, gathering and disseminating information by storing everything electronically in a central database. • Centrally track employee training progress and certification and education requirements, and analyze the impact the training has had on performance reviews and promotions. • Improve organizational

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