Genrays Project Charter Essay

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Genrays Project Charter
Project Charter Template
Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
Project Charter
September 11th 2012 Table of Contents
Project Title
Success Criteria or Expected Benefits
Major Deliverables
Acceptance Criteria
Milestone Schedule
Approval Requirements
Project Manager
Authorized by  Project Title
Human Resources Information System.
In order to allow employees to track their own careers, facilitate transparency in hiring, improve the payroll functions, improve recruiting and automate number of different time consuming and costly processes GenRays will be implementing a new Human Resources Information System.
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Career Self-Service Module Allows employees to track their career trajectory Ability for an employee to successfully set and track their own career trajectory.
Mail merge Capabilities Ability to interface with forms to reduce data entry. Ability to perform mail merge with various forms
Payroll Capabilities Integration of payroll system Integration of HR and Payroll system. Eliminating dual data entry between HR & Payroll. Providing single place for employee information.
Employee self service Employee’s ability to self serve time cards, track vacation and sick hours, open enrollment and manage their information Integration with Payroll to allow for tracking vacation, sick time, scheduling time off, selecting benefits, tracking attendance.
Performance review and compensation Electronic performance reviews and ability to attach compensation to performance Central place for electronic and

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