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Nina Hagen Wrtg 1010-20 Using the Genre of a children’s story to articulate with monsters
In Gordimers story “Once upon a time” uses the genre of a children’s story to articulate monsters in a suburban family by using the theme of a fairytale that clashes with the theme of a childrens story so he can use “monsters” in a suburban family. Gordimer uses phrases that kind of gives him the excuse to go in and articulate the monsters into the genre of a children’s story. Gordimer knew how to put everything in place to make it be called a “children’s story” Also, she the setting of the story in a good neighborhood, just people
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The setting of the story helps you kind of understand that something is bound to happen that will not be good by the way the house is surrounded, and how the city is surrounded.
References: Gordimer, Nadine “Once Upon A time” For when they began to live happily ever after they were warned by that wise old witch, the husband’s mother, not to take anyone off the street Page 25 New York:Penguin
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