Genre, Plot, And Theme Of This Play

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1) Discuss the genre, plot, and theme of this play. The genre is a musical comedy. The rock music of the eighties moves the play through the story that is centered in the Bourbon Room bar in Los Angeles. Most of the characters in the play used to be in a rock band, currently are in a rock band or are trying hard to get into a rock band. The girls who wanted or currently want to make in movies are bar waitresses and strippers. Big business wants to close down the strip and develop a new business district. The classic rock hits and the main love interest moves the story toward a happy and energetic ending. 2) Did you enjoy the production? Why or why not? I enjoy comedies and I love many of the songs that were in the play so I could not help but laugh and sing along at times. The production was very good overall. I was uncomfortable with the strippers. The very suggestive dances and constant presence of the outfits were not necessary for the overall story. The females playing the strippers did a good job and did deliver in lines and lyrics. The actors did a very convincing job. The vocals were strong and the live rock band gave the show a punch. The small stage and limited seating at the Virginia Samford Theatre were strengths. The actors were close and you could see every expression. The size of the theatre helps pull you into the play. 3) Which actors did a convincing job? Describe their technique. I was very impressed with the quality of Birmingham talent. Many of the main
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