Genteel Women In Factories Analysis

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Genteel Women In Factories Life used to be very different than how most experience it today. Majority people today are fortunate enough to not have to slave in a factory for twelve hours each night, to afford food and a place to live. During WWI many women were forced into doing so because most of the men were off fighting in the war. Naomi Loughnan was one of those women, who had enlisted in the Munition Army. She tells her story of her experience and paints a picture in ones mind of how life then was very different. Social classes were more divided ,men and women were not used to being mixed in the workplace, and how these women were proud to do lots of hard work to help manufacturer military items in factories for the men overseas, despite…show more content…
When talking about human rights it was discussed that women do not have the same sense of justice as males, and listened more to their feelings than logic. To some that meant women should not rights. In the time of the article it was first being accepted that women and men had the same knowledge and same ability. Previous arguments were also being refuted to prove that women should had have equal rights. Naomi says that men were not used to have a women working next to them, and would sometime make mistakes when dealing with one. They would then learn for that mistake, and become more used to the women being there everyday. She also talks about that while men and women may have the same capabilities, the men in the factories would always try to out show the women and lift the heavy objects, even if a women could have easily done it. Women were also expected to not ask questions, and just do as they were told. Women working in factories, especially genteel women was a new idea that took some getting use to by the men in the…show more content…
However, Naomi emphasizes that enlisting was inspiring, and would lead them to great life. She also says that while they handled the weapons it gave them a sense of freedom, since they were helping their country fight for its freedom. The working conditions of that time period was much different than working conditions today, but the women were still happy,and determined to do their part for society. An example of the working conditions were the machines, atmosphere, and the hours. Machines made lots of loud noises that made it hard to work in. The atmosphere smelled of oil, which they breathed it in over and over, making it hard to concentrate. Another working condition mentioned was that hours the women put in. With most of the women working throughout the night, the shifts seemed to become longer than the already long shifts actually were. People become tired, and that was noticeable in their faces which Naomi described as grey and lacking beauty and youth. Even with all the hard work and rough conditions, they felt accomplished in doing work, and it made them especially happy to do work that helped their
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