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Genetically Vigorous Populations Team B BIO/280 May 5th 2014 Genetically Vigorous Populations Biodiversity is life’s variety. It is the varying genetics that each species carries that makes it different and “unique”. Biodiversity is important, not only in evolution, but in survival; when sometimes those terms can mean the very same thing. Interestingly, biodiversity can mean a variance in the life itself – or within the genetics of a species. In keeping breeding habits within the same lineage, some animals risk lower biodiversity and sometimes even deformities and disease, as they are able to more easily pass on unfavorable hereditary traits. In increasing the overall biodiversity, the only risk is a…show more content…
Species possibly saved as a result of population management include the Koala, Partula snails, and Sarracenia alabamensis. The koala was experiencing a population decline in Australia which prompted an initiative known as the Koala Habitat Program. The goal of this program is to increase the size of the habitat for the koala. The Queensland Government has provided $22.5 million in funding to acquire new land (Queensland Government, 2014). The Partula snail is another species very critically endangered. As this species’ population recovers in captivity, the hope is to release them into the wild. This process has to be done carefully after the African land snail was imported to a small island in the Pacific and soon got out of control. This snail was eating the crops that grow on the island. Eventually, a second species of snail, the Florida rosy wolfsnail, was brought in to prey on the Partula snail to get the population under control (Marwell Wildlife, 2014). The Sarracenia Alabamensis, also known as the Cane-brake pitcher plant, was in need of a program to stabilize its population. This plant was endangered because it was located in areas where land was cheap to acquire and when the land was developed, it reduced the number of plants. The first program

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