Genting Group Case Study

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History of Management c) What is the organisation approach of managing? From our point of view, the approach of managing of Genting Group Berhad is classical management. One of the theory in classical management is scientific management. Frederick W. Taylor played the dominant role among the earliest scholars of scientific management. According to Taylor, there is one best way to do any job. He suggested that specific procedures developed from thorough studies should replace the managerial actions based on rules of thumb. One of the elements of Taylor’s scientific management is the standardization method for performing each job. Genting group employees exercise neutrality, consistency and clarity, guided by the Human Resources handbooks and…show more content…
For example, competitive incentives schemes that are in accordance with market benchmarks are offered by Genting group. The provision of incentives that compatible with all applicable collective agreement and the lowest wages policies can encourage better performance among workers. Next, Genting group also selects workers with appropriate abilities for each job, in line with the principle of scientific management. For example, a minimum of four years’ experience at an Executive Assistant Manager level or three years General Manager’s experience in a competitor hotel is required for the hotel’s General Manager position in Genting group hotel. Priority will be given to candidates who have international experience or to candidates who have experience working with Genting hotel. Genting group understand that Genting is represented by its staff. In addition to classical approach, we found that Genting group is also using behavioural management approach. Behavioural management is concerned with the social and mental facets of human behaviour in organizations. According to behavioural researchers, the understanding of human behaviour would enhance the productivity in workplace. Human relations movement is one of the theory in this approach. Abraham Maslow theorized that humans are motivated by a hierarchical set of needs. People will satisfy lower level needs before trying to satisfy higher…show more content…
That is, the activities must have the same objective and one plan. In our view, Genting group can develope a five-year group strategy blueprint to clearly indicate their group direction and then, improve their managing approach. Looking into the Sime Darby group, they developed their missions and visions like Genting group. However, they also developed a five-year group strategy blueprint to declaim a well-defined strategy framework that can realise their visions and drive the future business direction of the group. We believe that Genting group can make a difference through the development of

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